Global Medical Textiles Market Expects Substantial Growth

Medical textiles is becoming one of the most rapidly growing sectors in the global technical textile market. According to a market report by Grand View Research, the global medical textiles market is expected to reach USD 20.23 billion by 2022.


The market growth is mainly driven by the increasing demand for functional textile materials in medical and healthcare products all over the world. Other factors, such as an increase in the aging population, ongoing technological development in textile applications, and growing health consciousness, are also boosting the expansion of global medical textiles market.


Medical textile products comprise textile materials that are used in health and hygiene, personal care, and surgical applications. Medical textiles are available in knitted, woven, and non-woven forms depending on the area of application and type of product, such as disposables, diapers, napkins, contact lens, and artificial implants.


Surgical dressing products alone account for over 50% of the total technical textile consumption in the segment, followed by surgical sutures with 21%. Apart from these, contact lenses and artificial implants also account for a considerable consumption share in the market.


Non-woven fabrics are currently dominating the global medical textiles market, representing over half of the global medical textiles volume. Their functional characteristics, such as disposability, cost-effectiveness, and reduced danger of cross-contamination, have helped them to become the most preferred textile used by medical textiles manufacturers around the world.


When it comes to regional markets, North America and Europe are expected to remain as the leaders of global medical textiles market by continuing to invest in research and development activities and identifying opportunities with expanding medical infrastructure. Asia Pacific is projected to have one of the highest growth rates – CAGR 6% – by the year of 2022.


In the future, the global medical textiles market is expected to continue its rapid growth. This is attributed to the increasing application of innovative and high-performance medical and healthcare products. Disposable absorbent products, protective fabrics that provide more comfort, biofunctional textiles, and biocompatible fibers are some of the most notable products that will drive the further expansion of the global medical textiles market.


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