Argentina’s Corn Industry Expects Record High Production

Argentina is famous for corn production and exports. Argentina’s corn industry is booming, thanks to the country’s growing corn exports and production. Today, Argentina has evolved to become the third largest corn producing country and second largest corn exporter in the world. With the record high corn output projected for the current fiscal year and the expanding corn planting area planned for the following fiscal year, the corn industry in Argentina is expected to continue its growth and strengthen the country’s leading position in the global corn market.


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Production in Argentina’s Corn Industry


Argentina’s corn production for 2017-18 is expected to reach an all-time high of 39 million tonnes, according to the latest forecast from the USDA. This increase in production is preparing Argentina’s corn market to better compete with major corn-producing countries like Brazil and the United States. Argentina is the third-largest corn producer in the world and has the potential to take a good chunk of the market share from its competitors in the next five years thanks to changing corn prices and the rest of the world shifting their focus to a supercrop.


The record high of corn production out of Argentina in 2017 is a result of growing harvesting areas reaching a million hectares. Although expected returns are lower than last year, and in many cases are expected to be similar to those of soybeans; they are still anticipated to be on the positive spectrum. The USDA also reports that corn will be planted in farms by its owners rotating crops to maintain soil productivity. Most landowners are returning to their normal rotation schemes (soybeans-wheat/second crop soybeans-corn), which many had abandoned during the period of market intervention in search of the most profitable—and easier to sell—alternatives


Exports from Argentina’s Corn Industry


When it comes to corn exports, Argentina’s corn exports for 2017-18 are forecasted at 28.0 million tons—the highest ever. The combination of larger beginning stocks, plus a projected record production is expected to increase exports by 1.5 million tons from 2016-17. Argentina is currently the second largest corn exporter in the world, after the USA.


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Argentina’s corn products are sold to over 40 countries. Corn exports go primarily to 5 destinations Vietnam, Egypt, Algeria, Malaysia, and South Africa—which account for over half of total corn exports from Argentina. The Middle East, Southeast Asia, and Africa are now the main buying regions for Argentina’s corn products.


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