Top 3 Types of Technical Textiles in the Chinese Market

The technical textile industry in China is booming. The industry is complex, and consists of a number of different types of technical textiles that have a large variety of applications across a breadth of industries, including agro-textiles, medical textiles, domestic textiles, packaging textiles, and others. Here are the three types of technical textiles that are currently experiencing the highest demand and are expected to help drive the growth of the Chinese technical textile market over the near future:


1. Medical textiles: The value of the global medical textiles segment is expected to exceed USD 8 billion by 2019, with China being the main player behind much of this growth. China is one of the world’s top producers of medical textiles, and is the largest producer of them in the APAC region. The growing need for more effective sterilization, sanitation, and protection against bacteria in healthcare settings in Europe and the Americas is one of the main factors behind the increased demand and revenue that the medical textiles segment in China is currently seeing. Additionally, the use of technical textiles in the healthcare industry in biophysical monitoring systems and patient tracking devices will continue to foster demand for both woven and non-woven Chinese medical textiles.


2. Industrial textiles: Industrial technical textiles, especially those used in the manufacturing of automobiles, are experiencing steady economic growth. This is in large part because of China’s position as a leading automobile manufacturer—the average car requires approximately 50 square meters of textile material for interior trim, and China exports more than 1 million vehicles per year. This growth is also driven in part by industrial textiles used for applications in the agricultural, environmental, mining, and energy industries.
3. Protective textiles: China’s State Administration of Work Safety, the government organization responsible for the regulation of risks to occupational health and safety in China, has become increasingly involved in improving workplace safety standards throughout the country. This is leading to increased demand for protective technical textiles and apparel, including those with thermal protection, radiation protection, and mechanical protection properties. Additionally, China’s technical textiles market is seeing a surge in demand for protective textiles for military and law enforcement applications. Protective textiles typically have high strength, high performance, and are made from enhanced fibres.


Chinese technical textile suppliers also anticipate increased demand for domestic textiles, sports textiles, and construction textiles as the technical textile market continues to grow.


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