We Are SpinDye: A New Approach to Environmentally Friendly Dyes


As sustainability becomes more and more of a global concern, some organizations in the textile industry are looking to reduce the impact their operations have on the environment. Textile dyeing, for example, uses many chemicals and creates a lot of waste water. Natural dyes are therefore regaining popularity as people look for ways to lower pollution and consumers seek out sustainable products. The company We are SpinDye, however, has taken a different approach to the issue: it has created a new dyeing method that drastically reduces water usage and waste.


Natural vs. synthetic dyes: Incentives and tradeoffs


The normal dye process produces two types of waste water: the dye bath and the rinse water. Both of these contain leftover dye from coloring the material, as well as other chemicals used to bond the dye to the fabric. This waste water is often not safely disposed of, thrown into sources of clean water where it makes its way into reservoirs and water treatment stations. Many of the chemicals in waste water from synthetic dyes are harmful in a variety of ways, and do not break down in the environment.


This is one of the reasons that some people have turned to natural dyes. While the process still produces waste water, that water contains fewer harmful chemicals and has much less of an impact on the environment. In addition, some natural dyes have antimicrobial or anti-inflammatory qualities, and can provide fabrics with better protection against ultraviolet light than synthetic dyes can.


However, it is difficult to find many natural dyes that provide good results. Natural substances often create dull hues and can fade or bleed easily when washed or exposed to light. They are also limited in their variety and brightness of color. Working with these dyes is therefore expensive and complicated. They are less harmful to the environment, but cannot produce the same results that synthetic dyes offer.


SpinDye: Sustainable and synthetic


We are SpinDye has created a new process for dyeing synthetic fibers that reduces waste water pollution without sacrificing the quality or color of the dyed fabric. The Swedish company has a strong focus on sustainability and environmental protection, reducing or eliminating waste wherever possible. Its process minimizes not only waste water, but also garbage and chemicals.


The company takes a new approach to dyeing fabric. The pigment is added to raw synthetic material, dyeing it before the material is spun into yarn or woven into fabric. Because of this, the process requires very little water. It can be used for all synthetic materials, including nylon, polyester, and rayon. After being dyed, the fabric can be processed normally, such as by adding a coating to it.


We are SpinDye takes pride in the sustainability of its new method. While it is not the first company to come up with water-free dyeing technology (Nike and Aidias, for example, have had their own versions of this process for several years), CEO Martin Berling argues that his company still stands out. Because the dye is added while the yarn is being made, the company does not need the same large machines and other resources. We are SpinDye is also working on digitizing color selection, which would eliminate the need for an extended color comparison procedure.


As manufacturers and consumers begin to place greater importance on protecting the environment, innovative new materials and technologies are emerging. We are SpinDye shows that there are multiple ways to improve sustainability, and that looking beyond the materials to the entire process and the technology it uses can yield exciting results.


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