Turkey’s Technical Textile and Nonwoven Sector is on the Rise

Having one of the fastest growing rates in Turkey’s renowned textile and apparel industry, the technical textiles and nonwoven sector is certainly a rising star. With the textile and apparel products from Turkey gaining an increasing share in the global market, Turkey’s technical textile and nonwoven sector is expected to have a more promising future, mainly driven by the growing investment in R&D for technology and innovation, increasing numbers of skilled textile workers and stronger government support.


The economic and industrial development of Turkey  has facilitated the application of technical textile and nonwoven products in variety of industries including healthcare, automotive, construction, agriculture, defence and chemicals etc. Following the world trend of technical textiles and nonwovens over the recent decade, the rapid growth has been seen in almost all aspects of production, consumption and export of Turkey’s technical textile and nonwoven sector.


According to statistics from Turkey’s Ministry of Economy, the production capacity in Turkey for technical textiles and nonwovens is over 285,000 metric tons per year. There are over 150 companies in Turkey manufacturing technical textiles and nonwovens, of which more than 20 large companies produce nonwoven roll goods. Istanbul, Bursa, Gaziantep, Kocaeli and Tekirdağ are the major cities in the production of technical textiles and nonwovens.


The total value of technical textiles and nonwovens exports from Turkey was estimated to be over $1.6 billion in 2015.  The major export technical textiles and nonwoven categories in 2015 were nonwovens, big bags (FIBC), tire cord fabrics, textile fabrics, sacks, bags, packing of strip plastic materials and glass fibres and articles. The EU, the USA, the Russian Federation and Egypt are currently the biggest exporting markets for Turkish technical textiles and nonwovens.


An increasing number of Turkish textile companies have transformed from traditional mass production into higher value-added production of technology and innovation driven products. Technical textiles and nonwoven sectors have become one of the most common results from this transformation. It’s also backed by the country’s developed infrastructures and manufacturing facilities, latest technology, and skilled labour force, which make the production of technical textile easier.


Today, Turkey is one of the leading producers for advanced and sophisticated technical textile products in many international markets. Some Turkish companies have also formed joint ventures with foreign technical textile firms, especially in the production and export of technical fabrics for industrial usage. Currently, the country exports increasing amounts of such technical textile and nonwoven products to major European markets like Germany, France, United Kingdom, Italy, and Spain, along with USA, Russia, and Romania.


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